Audio Visual Products (AV) is a major element of the products and services we offer. At Typhoon House, we always ensure that you get the perfect solution for your requirements. AV is an exciting and diverse world and one size doesn’t fit all. We work on a huge range of projects covering everything from large format displays for corporate meeting rooms to projector and sound installations for classrooms, right up to complete cinema solutions for theatres.

We work with our clients all the way, starting with initial site meetings with our dedicated AV account managers. This way, you can be totally assured the proposed solutions will meet all your current requirements, along with being future-proof. The installations are undertaken by our qualified and accredited AV engineering team and a project is only completed when you, the client, are 100% satisfied.

One of our recent projects was to install a cinematic solution for the wonderful Erin Arts Centre in Port Erin. Erin Arts Centre is an amazing creative centre with a very well-known and much-visited auditorium. They held 188 events in 2016 alone. John Bethel and his team required a solution that would allow them to stream and present films and live coverage of operas from around the world. We, especially our Managing Director Geoff McCann, really enjoyed working on this project. After many productive meetings and site assessments the perfect solution was found. With the client’s enthusiastic blessing we installed an Epson EB-G6900WU projection system with a Metroplan Tab Tension Grand Cinema Screen. This projector is incredibly powerful and delivers very sharp images and rich, vivid colours even in daylight. The Erin Arts Centre now has a fully-functioning and professional cinematic display system which is appreciated by hundreds of visitors to the auditorium. John and his team are thrilled with their cinema as are we all at Typhoon House.

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