It is Typhoon House’s priority to ensure that the printing solution our clients receive is the perfect fit for their business. The below example represents some of the typical topics we discuss with our clients:

Client: We are looking for a device that can scan, copy, and fax; can you suggest some options?

Typhoon House: Let me start by asking you some questions so that I can understand a bit more about what you’re looking for: First of all, is it a monochrome or colour device that you’re looking for?

C: Colour printer please.

TH: Are you wanting to print A3 or just A4?

C: We will need to print both A4 & A3.

TH: On average, what is the volume of pages you print per month?

C: Well, we have around 30 employees on that floor who each print around 50 pages per day, so we need a printer which can accommodate that level of printing, copying and scanning.

TH: From the information you’ve provided so far, one of the MFDs I can recommend is the Konica Minolta bizhub C458. This is an A3 colour multifunctional device which can accommodate your average monthly volume as well as meeting all your needs/requirements.

C: What functions does it have?

TH: To start with, the Konica Minolta bizhub C458 has the basic functions you require as it can print, scan, copy and has the optional function to add two fax lines too. The additional fax lines can save money and space for your office as you won’t require a separate fax machine on the floor. The C458 can also be equipped with various additional paper inputs as well as stapling, hole-punching, booklet-making and folding options.

C: We’re getting a lot of pressure to stay on top of security at present. Is there anything I need to know about the C458 from that perspective?

TH: It’s equipped with a security username and password option which allows users to create a password for their secure documents when printing. There is also an option to use an ID card authentication system, which is similar to the access cards you use to enter the office building. The document can only be printed once you have scanned your card against a security pad on the printer. One of the benefits of this system is that, depending on what type of security card your office has, you may be able to use the same card to do both. It also allows documents to be printed ‘on demand’ when the user is at the machine, meaning the chance of a document being forgotten or a secure document falling into the wrong hands is all but removed. It can also have a cost-saving benefit, as documents aren’t printed and left on the device only for them to be thrown away.

C: What else do I need to know?

TH: You still need convincing? Well, there’s an animated screen to assist with any issues which may occur like toner changes, paper jam, replacement of paper and stuff. There’s a range of additional paper trays to choose from, should you wish to increase your paper storage, including an extra-large capacity unit which can store up to 3000 more sheets of paper. These trays can even handle up to 300 grams card, for when you’re printing Christmas cards! The dual-sided scanner is capable of scanning two sides of a document simultaneously, improving time and efficiency when scanning.

C: You know us; we love to be efficient!

TH: Speaking of which, we can also offer the option for CS Remote Care, which allows our company to remotely logon to the device to see if there is an issue with it; monitor toner levels; enables automated consumable ordering; all with a view to reducing any disruption to your office. These are just a few of the key features that the C458 has to offer your business.

C: What about the environment? Is this device economical? We’ve got a real drive to help the environment as much as possible, or at least minimise our impact on it!

TH: The recycled material on the C458 accounts for more than 35% of the total weight of resin in the main unit and covers approximately 88% of the outer surface area of the machine, making the product itself extremely economical. There is also a function for energy saving mode so that when in sleep mode the printer turns off to deliver a 0.5W power consumption ratio to help save energy. The devices provided by Konica Minolta come as standard with many refined and fully-fledged technologies which are able to conserve and preserve the environment, such as: duplex printing and copying being set to default; Simitri® HD polymerised toner; induction heating fusing technology; dynamic eco-timer, eco-scan mode—when the fuser or print engine doesn’t turn on when you want to just scan… Basically, the best way to put this is to mention the fact that the Konica Minolta range are all compliant with the environmental laws and regulations in all global territories.

C: That’s all great stuff. What about cost efficiency? How much is this going to cost us?

TH: All the Konica Minolta range are very economical to run as we support them on a cost per page basis (Click). Click covers all your running costs apart from paper.

C: Finally, why should we use a Konica Minolta machine?

TH: Konica Minolta are an extremely reliable, long established company with around 140 years of service, all-told. In our opinion, they provide very high quality products and are very good value for money. Together with our established support offering, we believe we’re the best fit for you. For more information on our wide range of products and what we have to offer, check out the links below or give us a call on 01624 661331 to arrange a visit to our showroom to have a look at some of the products for yourself!

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